March updates

Revision classes

Please complete your revision class booking by the end of the day on Saturday.  If you are having problems with the online system, please email your requirements to Richard, and he will issue you with a log-in to arrange payment.  Please note that after Saturday, any revision class with fewer than two participants will become a normal session for the person who signed up, or be cancelled fully!

Richard’s availability in March and April

There are a couple of day swaps in March and April.  Please check the availability page (link:Availability) to see if this affects you.

Building work on The Moorlands

There is currently a lot of building work on the Moorlands, as the local housing association are replacing the roofing on of all their properties.  The road is passable most of the time, but if you have large vehicles (e.g. 4x4s), or do not like driving through narrow gaps between hedges, vans and equipment, it may be sensible to park on the South access road, or alternatively on other nearby roads, and walk around.  Please avoid parking on the pavements on Sherburn and Sunderland Roads, as this not only can cause access problems, but also severely impedes visibility for other road users.