Talks and Professional Development

Members of our team are available to give custom talks and professional development workshops to you and / or your organisation.

Topics that we have previously talked about include:


  • An overview of Astronomy

    We take a guided tour of the Universe, from the planets to the distant galaxies, having a quick look at everything in between.  We also discuss a bit about the history of Astronomy, from ancient times, through the introduction of the telescope, to the modern day.

    This talk is highly customisable, so please get in touch about how we can fit it to your event.

    Suitable for all audiences.

    Stories of the Stars

    We explore the mythology surrounding the constellations, looking at how they got their names, and also visit constellations from different cultures, including Asian and North American Cultures.

    Suitable for all audiences, although please let us know the minimum age of your attendees, as some stories are more “interesting” than others!

  • The Physics of Music

    Music is dominated by physics: from how instruments make sound, why they sound the way they do, and why certain sounds are “pleasing” to the ear, and others are a little more unbearable.  Partly funded by an Institute of Physics Science in Society grant, this workshop can be adapted from a one-hour lecture to a three hour hands-on workshop for musicians.

    Suitable for most audiences with a science background above GCSE, ability to play a musical instrument is desirable but not essential.

Science presentation

  • Writing media for the web

    We look at the key skills required to successfully produce media for online consumption.

  • Making information accessible

    We are bombarded with information all of the time, so how do you make particular pieces of information stand out? This workshop examines complexity, how to successfully get a point across, and how to communicate with people who don’t know very much about the subject on which you’re talking

  • How to give fantastic presentations

    A presentation on presenting, which starts off intentionally bad, and then is collaboratively improved by the group.


  • The science of teaching science

    We turn teaching from an art form into a scientific investigation, looking at why certain methodologies work and others don’t, and why you need to know your learners before teaching them.

  • Why a constructivist approach is essential to curriculum and syllabus development

    We ask the key questions “What is a constructivist approach?” “Why do I need it?” and examine a curriculum based on constructivist methodologies.

Want to book?

If you are interested in booking team members for a talk, please send an email to, and we can discuss your requirements.  As each session is bespoke, there is no fixed fee, it depends on what you need!