Success and References

Mallard Days Educational Services have developed a reputation for success: on average, students our tutors have worked with have increased their results by an average of two and a half grades – that’s the difference between a C and an A!

We have successfully tutored students on the following levels and syllabuses:

  • GCSE (AQA, OCR, Pearson Edexcel)
  • International GCSE (Pearson Edexcel, AQA)
  • A-level (AQA, OCR, Pearson Edexcel)
  • UK Pilot Training Scientific Aptitude Test
  • Degree level (Durham University, Glasgow Napier University)
  • UKCAT (Medicine entrance exam)
  • BMAT (Medicine entrance exam)
  • Oxford PAT (Physics entrance exam)

Comments and feedback

Don’t just take our word for it – see for yourself!

“Vicky’s mathematical basis has proved invaluable to me throughout BSc Physics stage 2 and 3. She’s patient and collected (but most of all, friendly!), and there’s been virtually nothing I’ve encountered so far that she hasn’t been either able to explain immediately, or been comfortable looking into in advance or alongside myself during a session to find a helpful answer
I find her approach to problems experienced and methodical, and whilst we have a quite different way of looking at situations in physics she’s very good at working around that and tailoring her explanations and demonstrations to my way of understanding things.
Another big plus for anyone with a busy or varied weekly schedule, it’s always been easy to move tuition slots around to accommodate even last-minute changes of plan for me. For anyone studying degree-level maths or physics, but certainly A-Level and GCSE material I would truly, wholeheartedly recommend Vicky’s tutelage!

Thanks Vicky, you’ve been a blessing!” Student, 2016 (Kent)


“Richard provided an excellent tutoring service to my daughter during the run up to A Level exams. He had a calm manner and explained his subject well. My daughter worked well under his guidance and as a result of their combined hard work, she achieved an A in her exam. I would recommend Richard as a tutor.” 5/5 Parent, 2016 (Belmont)


“Richard is an enthusiastic and thorough tutor. His teaching methods are highly effective and my son actually enjoys physics tutorials with him, so much so that his predicted A level grade has already significantly increased. In addition to the core physics subjects, Richard also ensures that his tutoring includes exam technique and getting the best possible marks for each area/question. He comes highly recommended, and often has a waiting list, so early application is best!” – 5/5 Parent, 2017 (Lanchester)


“Having started lessons with Richard in the Autumn of year 11, my son has increased in confidence in his understanding of maths and physics for GCSE. Richard has provided a sound foundation for these subjects, was happy to teach and revise topics that have been omitted from school lessons and built my son’s knowledge and interest considerably. Richard is a very good communicator, attends for lessons as arranged and provides workshops in the run up to Exams. Highly recommend.” 5/5 Parent, 2016 (Durham)


“Vicky is really well prepared for the sessions.She was able to analyse my son’s needs immediately and within a couple of weeks give him enough pointers to how to answer exam questions that he is already feeling more confident.” 5/5 Parent, 2016 (Durham)


“We contacted Richard in February 2015 at a time when our son was struggling badly with the AS Level Physics syllabus and not being afforded the required support by his school, despite our best efforts! He had previously attained a strong A at GCSE but his confidence and grasp of the subject had drained away in the subsequent 6 months.  As a result of working with Richard on a weekly (and more near exam time!) basis, he got a borderline A/B result at AS and at the time of writing we are awaiting his final A level grade we are very confident that it will be the A or strong B needed to help gain access to his first choice university.   Richard was very patient, understanding and good to work with. We would strongly recommend him.” 5/5 Parent, 2016 (Herrington)


“I highly recommend Richard. He is first and foremost totally passionate about his subject area and this comes through in his lessons. He works really hard to identify needs and provide the right level of support, he also takes time to provide homework which encouraged me to study even more. Richard provided clarity right from the start in the contracting stage and then delivered as promised, always on time and very reliable. I enjoyed working with Richard and he in turn improved my confidence levels and enjoyment of the subject.” – 5/5 Student, 2016 (Chester le Street)


“Vicky tutored our daughter as she required help with preparation for her GCSE maths examination. Vicky quickly identified what aspects of the subject our daughter was struggling with and prepared tutorials around these issues. Her instruction lead to our daughter having a much better grasp of maths in general, which in turn gave her a confidence in her abilities in the subject which she had previously lacked. We would highly recommend her.” – 5/5 Parent, 2016 (Durham)


“Richard is an extremely professional tutor who prepared my son for his A level physics exams. Richard quickly assessed his strengths and weaknesses and developed his understanding of the subject using a variety of teaching methods which gave him much needed confidence in sitting the exam. I cannot recommend Richard enough for his dedication, reliability and ability to inspire his students – many thanks.” – 5/5 Parent, 2016 (Chester le Street)


“Excellent tutor – has high expectations and has greatly increased my daughters confidence in her maths abilities already.” – 5/5 Parent, 2015 (Belmont)


“We are happy with the teaching and support from Richard. My daughter is benefiting from the science sessions and she is beginning to have more understanding of some of the tricky concepts in physics.” – 5/5 Parent, 2014/15 (Newton Hall)


“Richard has just tutored my daughter for AS level physics. My daughter found Richard to be very easy to understand and very patient. They got on really well and she was getting mostly A’s in the practice papers she did for him prior to the actual exams. This was a great improvement on the mock exams she took prior to Richard’s tuition sessions. Richard is very flexible with sessions and will try to accommodate where possible. I would recommend Richard to anyone looking for a physics tutor.” – 5/5 Parent, 2013/14 (Sunderland)


“Extremely helpful and a very helpful way of explaining concepts in multiple ways” – 5/5 Student, 2012 (Brandon)


“Friendly, Professional and Effective. An Excellent tutor.” – 5/5 Parent, 2012 (Harraton)


“Richard is extremely competent and great at getting ideas across to our 15 yr old son, we would recommend him highly.” – 5/5 Parent, 2011 (Hartlepool)


“Richard tutored my daughter through her maths and physics GCSEs. He was an excellent tutor and was key to her getting As in both subjects. Highly recommend!” – 5/5 Parent, 2011-2012 (Meadowfield)


“Always on time, has a number of effective ways in getting the content through to you. Highly Recommended.” – 5/5 Student, 2011-12 (Durham)


“Excellent tutor, Sessions are always fun and enjoyable. Richard provides the detail required in answers; and his explanations in especially difficult topics are clear and concise!” – 5/5 Student, 2011-2012 (Sunderland)


“Overall my daughter found Richard to be very good. He helped clarify things she was unsure of and in the short period of tuition definitely built up her confidence prior to taking the exam. I would highly recommend Richard.” – 4/5 Parent, 2010-2011 (Durham)


“I am really pleased with the improvements made by my daughter after attending sessions with Richard. She is much more confident discussing the subject now and has seen a real improvement in the standard of her work. This is despite only having a small number of sessions quite late in the year. We will be returning next academic year for A2 level Physics.” – 5/5 Parent, 2010-2013 (Barnard Castle)


“Very knowledgeable tutor with a positive attitude who relates well to his students” – 4/5 Parent, 2010-2011 (Peterlee)


“Really helpful, feel loads more confident for my exams now, a brilliant tutor!” – 5/5 Student, 2010-2012 (Sunderland)


“I have found Richard enthusiastic, well organised and professional in his approach. But more significant is that my son finds the sessions informative, challenging and enjoyable. I would recommend Richard without reservation as a physics tutor.” – 5/5 Parent, 2010-2011 (Ryhope)


“Richard has been extremely helpful, our son was lacking confidence in certain areas of maths and even after the first few study sessions there has been a significant improvement.” –  5/5 Parent, 2010-2011 (Durham)


“Sincere and dedicated teaching. Uses different approaches to difficult topics, to make it simpler to understand. My son enjoys Richard’s lessons.” – 5/5 Parent, 2010-2011 (Gosforth)