It’s nearly Christmas

Christmas is coming the goose is… (well, actually it has been eaten, but that’s not the point!)

This is a bit of an admin message, and covers three things:

  1. The availability roster is now up to date, and online at  It will be updated on or around the THIRD monday of each month, and will be as up to date as possible.  If you need to change a session, or thinking about starting, please look at the availability roster first, to see what sessions we can fit in.
  2. Winter Bad Weather plans will be announced on Facebook, which should appear to the right of this message.  These may involve short-term rescheduling of sessions, especially those that are further away from Durham.  If the weather does take a turn for the worst, be sure to log in and check!
  3. Monthly and Ten Session advance payment cards will be available in January for those people paying for blocks of sessions by card in advance.

Finally, keep an eye of this website for details of our Winter Charity Fundraising event!