Good luck in your exams

So, the time has come, and the exams are here. In five or six weeks, all of those of you who are sitting exams this year will be done. Scary thought, isn’t it?

But please try not to let the pressure build up. I know you’ve worked hard, you know you’ve worked hard, and that you can go into your exams, and do your best.

I recently read a post online that was worthy of paraphrasing at a time such as this, and wanted to share it with you all:

Remember, though, these exams do not assess all of what makes you special and unique. The people who write and mark these papers do not know each of you like we do, and certainly not the way your family and friends do.

They do not know that some of you speak multiple languages, or love to sing and draw, they do not know your natural talent for dancing, music, or the arts. They do not know that your friends count on you to be there for them, that your laughter can brighten the darkest day, or that your face turns red when you feels shy. They do not know that you participate in sports, wonder about the future, or sometimes help with your little brother, sister, or elderly relatives after school. They do not know that you’re kind, trustworthy, and thoughtful… and every day try to be your very best.

The results of these exams will tell you something, but they cannot tell you everything. These exams do not define you. There are many ways of being smart. You are smart. You are enough. In the midst of all these exams, remember that there is no way to test all of the amazing and awesome things that make you, you.

Do your best, and never give up. You’ve been working for these tests for many years, and are ready for them.

Text modified from original by Pleasant Crossing School, Indiana

We believe in you.

Good luck from Richard, Vicky and Maria.