How travelling expenses are calculated

I’m often ask how travelling expenses for tutorial sessions are calculated.  Well, here’s the answer!

Map showing how traveling expenses are calculated

Firstly, expenses are calculated on an individual basis.  This means that they are specific to your situation, and might be different to those of your friends!  However, these are the rules that we apply.

At the Mallard Days HQ:
No travelling expenses!

At your home:
If we come to you, and you live within  half an hour drive time of HQ, your expenses are simply calculated at 45p per mile.

What does 45p per mile look like?
The map on this page has been designed to give a rough idea of how much things will cost – but it is indicative only!  If you live on or within the green line, you can expect to pay £5 or less per session in travelling expenses.  If you live within the maroon line, you can expect to pay £10 or less per session.

What about further than half an hour?
If you live further than half an hour away, (that’s roughly outside the purple line on the map), it takes a long time for us to get to you – which means that we can take on fewer students.  Because of this, we charge £8 extra (on top of the mileage!) for sessions outside of this line. There are also fewer sessions available in this area.

Are expenses charged per session, or per hour?  What if I do a 2 hour session?
The expenses for a two hour session are the same as for a one hour session, but the tuition fee does increase – therefore if travelling is required, longer sessions are slightly cheaper than multiple sessions overall.

I hope that has made things clearer – if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!