Science this week – last chance radioactivity, years, and updates from the IOP and BSA.

Firstly, I’m sorry that there was no Science this week last week, due to my being ill.  I am still recovering, but hopefully it won’t be too long until I’m fully back on my feet.

Last Chance for Radioactivity Workshops

This week is your last chance to sign up to the Radioactivity Workshops!  There are currently very few attendees, however the workshops will be happening as the equipment has now been ordered! So if you’re interested in what is likely to be very personalised tuition, sign up now at

Institute of Physics Events

There are three upcoming events within the North-East IOP.  Firstly, this Wednesday, 19th February 2014, Dr. Chris Stokes from Durham University will be giving a talk entitled “Glaciers & climate change: the view from space“.  This will be in the Institute’s usual room, A003 in the Ellison Building, and will start at 7pm.

Two big events next month are also open for booking: on Saturday 15th March 2014, the Branch will be visiting Cragside, Rothbury, Northumberland.  This visit is open to all, and includes a private tour, called “Turning Water into Light” of Armstrong’s hydroelectric generator. The cost of the event, including bus travel, is £20 per person.  For more details, and to book, please visit

Also, on the 21st March 2014, will be the Branch’s Chair’s Dinner at Lumley Castle.  This event also costs £20, and features a two-course black tie dinner.  More information and booking details at

A year isn’t 365 days.

Those of you studying Astronomy modules will have heard me mention different lengths of year.  Here’s (most of) the story, thanks to MinutePhysics and CGP Grey.

More science

For those of you who missed Science this week last week, and would like some more in-depth science news, head over to the British Science Association’s News Digest for more reading!