COVID-19 update

Mallard Days does not support the DfE guidelines published on 11 May 2020. As previously announced, all sessions are currently taking place online, and this will be the case until the start of October at the earliest.

To enable you to best prepare for an online session, please visit this page to set up your systems.

The best way to deal with coronavirus is to ensure less people get infected in the first place. The best way to do that is reduce social contact where possible.

All service workers employed by Mallard Days Educational Services (or by Richard directly) will still be paid during the virus period, whether or not they are working. This is to discourage people who are sick to work, and to reduce the likelihood of contagion.

Update – 14 April 2020

This is an update regarding the booking of future sessions.

If you haven’t booked sessions for the second half of April yet, please could you do so by the end of the day on Friday (17 April).

The deadline for bookings in May will be Friday 24 April, so that your invoices can be prepared for the start of the month as usual.

For your information, and to add a little clarity, I am expecting that:

Most schools will not reopen properly until at least the start of Autumn / Michaelmas / Christmas term, however the “start of term” date may adjusted.

I will be taking annual leave between Friday 11 September and Monday 28 September as planned.

Face-to-face sessions will not take place until Monday 28 September at the earliest: online sessions will take place up to that date (note that this could be pushed further back, but is unlikely to be brought forward).

The usual November examination series will be extended backwards into October, and will include all the papers due to be sat this summer, alongside all the papers usually sat internationally in November.
It is highly likely that I will need to take more senior roles on these papers due to the effects of Coronavirus, meaning that it is possible that I will involved in the marking of up to 15 different papers in a very tight window.
This is likely to necessitate adjusting the frequency / timing of your tuition sessions in the period between October and Christmas.
It may therefore be advantageous for those students preparing for exams in 2021 to book additional sessions to take place between now and September, so that you are well prepared for your mock exams in January despite this.

If you are preparing for exams in 2021, it is likely that you will need to self-study some topics, as with one term fewer at school, there will not be sufficient time to complete your course prior to your exams. Of course, I can cover these with you, but it is important to look at them now, rather than February next year when you’ve run out of time!

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch via email to your usual contact address.