🦠 Coronavirus Status 😷

Reviewed 16 August 2021

As we continue to operate online, please visit this page to set up your systems to enable you to best prepare for an online session.

We’re still doing everything possible to minimise the spread of Coronavirus variants. As such, our sessions will continue to be online for the remainder of the summer holidays.

From 20 September, there will be three options for tuition:

  • Online: sessions will continue to be fully online as last year
  • Hybrid: most sessions will remain online, however for a number of sessions (approximately monthly), face-to-face sessions will take place. This option is particularly good for physics and science students, as the sessions can be used to work on essential practical skills. These sessions will take place at Richard Annand VC House, Belmont, DH1 1TH.
  • Face-to-face: all sessions will take place face-to-face at Richard Annand VC House, Belmont, DH1 1TH. This will be most suitable for students who struggle to access online learning for whatever reason.

Individual tutors may choose to only offer a subset of these options. If the one you want isn’t available with a particular tutor, talk to them, as it may be possible to change to another tutor.

Full details of the UK-wide guidance can be found on the government website, at www.gov.uk/coronavirus.

Our roadmap out of COVID

We’ve put together four key principles as we move out of the coronavirus pandemic, which we hope will support both our tutors and students. These are:

  1. We’ll be being social distancing and following COVID-safe protocol until everyone is both vaccinated AND feels safe, no matter how long that takes.
  2. If anyone – be that tutors, students or their families – is ill, or potentially infectious: we’ll work around it. Nobody should work or study when they’re sick, as they not only risk their own health, but that of those around them.
  3. “Online” will always be an option: for both tutors and clients, in any circumstance.
  4. In the past two years, society has come together to help out. We’re not going to stop now. If we can help, we will help.

Hopefully working alongside these principles will enable us all to head towards a brighter, stronger, coronavirus free future.