Tea with Richard

During the pandemic, Richard hosted a show on YouTube to help support people who are suffering from worry or loneliness. As the lockdown is being lifted, and the number of viewers reduced, the shows became less frequent: from daily at the start, to their current weekly frequency.

All the previous episodes of Tea with Richard can be found below.

All episodes of Tea With Richard

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Updated statement on the cancellation of exams

I promised to update you all when I had more information about the cancellation of exams.

This statement has been released by the DfE.

Using all of the information available, I am now in a position to make some recommendations to students.



In order to help you select the correct course of action, I have made arrangements for online consultations to take place for all students.

Mallard Days always stands ready to help.

Best wishes,



Mallard Days Educational Services is please to be able to support Gilesgate Residents’ Association’s Spring Quiz.

The quiz will be held at Durham City Baptist Church on Tuesday 7 April 2020.

The quiz will start at 6.30pm.

If you would like to buy tickets for the quiz, and pie and peas supper, please use the booking form below.

Remember to indicate your dietary requirements, and bring your booking reference with you on the day!

Booking form

Number of tickets
1 ticket £5.00 GBP
2 tickets £10.00 GBP
3 tickets £15.00 GBP
4 tickets £20.00 GBP

Dietary requirements